Who We Are

Salama Petrochemical and Oil Services Co. (Salama) was established to provide quality Waste Crude Oil Management Solutions to the oil refinery and petrochemical sectors. The company draws on more than thirty years continuous industry experience by its management, and during this time, contracts have been successfully completed in the UK, Mainland Europe, The GCC, MENA and South East Asian Regions.

The wealth of experience possessed by the management team ensures that all projects, irrespective of scale, are completed in a safe and timely manner using the minimum of resource. The use of industry-leading, highly efficient and innovative technology ensures that projects are always completed safely, on-time and within budget. This equates to increased revenue streams for the client and greatly reduced return to service times.

The core of the company’s business activities are centred around it’s ST-150 Oil Recovery System. Heavy Waste Crude Oil Sludge is cleaned from tanks, waste pits and lagoons and processed using the system and up to 95% of the hydrocarbon content present in the sludge is recovered as good quality reusable oil and returned to the refinery. An additional benefit for the client is that the residual waste product, that contains less than 5% leachable hydrocarbon content, can be safely disposed of straight to landfill (as per current European Environmental Legislation) or alternatively it can be incinerated. The volume of this waste product is minimal and equates to less offsite disposal and this also affords greater revenue streams for the client.

Salama provides a range of specialist services for the benefit of its clients in the oil and petrochemical industries. With a combination of industry-leading and innovative technologies, an experienced management team and a highly trained and dedicated workforce, quality Waste Oil Management Solutions are provided in the safest and most cost effective manner.Operating from it’s offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Libya, Salama provides services on a global basis. To date, many projects have been undertaken internationally by it’s management.

Health and Safety is one of the primary concerns of the company, and it has a comprehensive QHSE Management System in place that fully meets the requirements of the international standards BS EN ISO 9000, 14000 and the integrated OHSAS 18000 Series. Almost every project is undertaken in hazardous areas with exposure to harmful materials, chemicals and environments. Often the work is carried out in zoned areas and our equipment is also designed and manufactured with inherent safety features. The core components of our systems that have been developed and refined over many years are manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom and USA and conform to ISO, ATEX and CE design requirements.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with the most cost effective and practical solutions by using the most relevant technology and never compromising safety.

Our Mission

We will provide quality proposals for each client enquiry and carry out our site services using first class equipment and experienced personnel.As a result we should benefit from repeat work from our clients and increase our revenues.

Our Values

Salama bases it’s business model on the following core principles.


We strive for excellence in all our business undertakings from dealing with clients to the execution of contracts. Adherance to our Quality Assurance System ensures full compliance on projects.


We are fully committed to making all areas of our business safe. We have implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System that is based on the requirements of the current UK Statutory Legisalation.


Our company philosophy is that the customer and the job come first. We endeavour to make sure that the minimum customer requirements are met and where possible exceeded on all projects.


We are firm believers that our people are our biggest assets. Every effort is made to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and furthermore, personal development is strongly encouraged and supported.


We support the local community on our projects and this includes employing local hire and using local suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible to support the project requirements.