Salama Petrochemical and Oil Services Co. was established to provide quality Waste Crude Oil Management Solutions to the oil refinery and petrochemical sectors. The company draws on more than thirty years continuous industry experience by its management and during this time, contracts have been successfully completed in the UK, Mainland Europe, The GCC, MENA and South East Asian Regions.

The wealth of experience possessed by the management team ensures that all projects, irrespective of scale, are completed in a safe and timely manner using the minimum of resource. The use of industry-leading, highly efficient and innovative technology ensures that projects are always completed safely, on-time and within budget. This equates to increased revenue streams for the client and greatly reduced return to service times.

Our mission is to establish Salama Petrochemical and Oil Services Co. as the leading provider of crude oil sludge management systems to the international oil industry by offering the latest technology and equipment as part of our competitive service packages.

The main advantages of Salama Petrochemical and Oil Services Co’s services are:

  • The ability to clean, process and recover reusable oil from Heavy Waste Crude Oil Sludge held in Oil Storage Tanks, Waste Oil Pits and Lagoons;
  • Highly efficient, portable centrifugal based Oil Recovery Systems can recover up to 95% of the hydrocarbon content present in the sludge;
  • Good quality reusable oil is returned to the refinery on completion of the processing;
  • Fast processing speeds of between 5-25m3/hour;
  • Residual waste contains less than 5% leachable hydrocarbons making it suitable for direct disposal to landfill as per current European Legislation;
  • Residual waste is greatly reduced due to efficiency of the Oil Recovery Systems meaning less waste for offsite disposal and increased revenues;
  • Innovative Non-man Entry Tank Cleaning Systems offer a safer, faster and more cost-effective way to de-sludge oil storage tanks;
  • Ability to carry out a turnkey solution for API tank inspection including the cleaning to hot work standards and the inspection using in-house API Tank Inspectors/Inspection Teams.

                                                                                      Salama Oil Recovery System

                                                                                                 TANK SWEEP SYSTEM 

                                                                                                   MANWAY CANNON 

                                                                                                          ROV MOVER