Dubai Project

This project will be managed under Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. which is incorporated in Dubai.

The development of the crude oil refinery will not only reduce the scarcity of employment in Dubai but also the revival and growth of economy.

Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. is aiming at establishing a high class of Petroleum Refinery Plant which is anticipated to be very beneficial to the people of Dubai in term of the prices of petrol, diesel, jet fuel and other matters closely related thereto.


The objective of the project is to install a crude oil refinery with an innovative design for maximizing the profitability while using a limited feed stock supply in Dubai. The finished product will be naptha, kerosene, diesel fuel-oil.



The location of the project is in Dubai. This area was chosen to develop the logistic functions of the project within the availability of proper infrastructure of transportation.

This earmarked area is expected to be an influential commercial zone to faciliate the processing “plant” for the refining of crude oil in Dubai.