Benghazi White Spirit Plant
(SALAMA Petrochemical & Oil Services Co.)


One of Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co.’s aims is to invest in the energy production sector in countries where the market is thirsty and raw. After thorough on-the-ground observations and comprehensive market analyses, Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. has established a petrochemicals plant to produce white spirit and thinner under a registered entity officially named: Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. located in Benghazi, Libya.

Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. looks into helping in developing the economy in Libya, contributing to the growth of the country and bringing the petrochemicals industry in Libya to a totally new level, where Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. is keen to meet the growing demands in local, regional and international markets.


The plant is located in Benghazi City outside the urban area on land area 2 Ha with heavy high-tech equipment ready to operate such as storage tanks, ISO tanks, and reactors well designed to deliver complex production, treatment and filling operations.

Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. is well aware of the importance of protecting the environment. That is why we made sure that our machines and equipment are environmentally friendly. The management makes sure to  that all operations result in almost zero negative effects on the environment. The plant integrates safe and secure channels of transport domestically and internationally.


  • Create a new source of income that meets the demands of the Libyans and supplies to the neighboring countries
  • Establish a range of industries that can be indicative of the industrial evolution in Libya
  • Found an huge-scale industry that is capable of export and is integrated with small-scale businesses
  • Implement revolutionary technologies that equip Libyans with new sets of skills that will benefit the country in general
  • Lessen the reliance on outside sources of petrochemicals and petroleum products


STAGE 1: Thinner and white spirit

STAGE 2: Industrial lubricants & bitumen


Considering all the machines, Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. aims to reach 82000 tons yearly at an average of 230 tons a day as per technical standards.