LPG Distributor in East & Central Africa

Efficient access to safe and clean LPG

Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. is the exclusive agent of Durulsan Company in Libya that owns one of the LPG and distribution networks in East and Central Africa. Generally, our services are in the production and installation of LPG cylinder & Autogas filling plants – machines and equipment, and LPG cylinder production plants – machines and equipment.

Our affiliate’s staff combined with our staff are experts in their professions and are dedicated to providing a high quality and technological service in each and every project.

We develop technology and adopt the principles of modern business management and quality management principles and continue our work by expanding our business geography. Salama Petrochemical & Oil Services Co. and its affiliates disseminate their knowledge and experience to the LPG sector by R&D activities through their investments for the infrastructure and modernization activities of the LPG sector.


Liquid Petroleum Gas

LPG is a gas mixture made up of short formed hydrocarbons Propane & Butane.

Burns cleaner and more effectively
LPG burns more completely than most other fuels due to its high octane rating. By burning at a higher efficiency it emits less carbon, which makes it greener for the environment and is healthier and safer than other fuels. LPG also vaporizes immediately and is not water soluble, therefore not affecting groundwater sources.

Calorific Value
LPG burns better, due to a calorific value that is 3 times that of firewood. This is LPG’s most important characteristic; a higher calorific value means that it heats and cooks quicker than its alternative fuel comparatives.

Our services are delivered in the following sectors

  • LPG Cylinder Filling System
  • Electronic Filling Scales
  • Mechanic Filling Scales
  • LPG Filling Carousel
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Leak Detectors
  • Check Scale
  • Shrink Machine
  • Gas Transfer Pump
  • Skid System LPG Station
  • Container Type Filling Station
  • LPG Autogas Station and Equipment